How to Review Your Year: 5 Year-end Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself

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Learning how to review your year will help you relieve your fear and anxiety for a new year. I used to be so scared when a new year was coming my way until reviewing my past year became part of my planning session. I realized that looking too far ahead is what makes a new year so dreadful to me.

I thought before that a new year mostly means new responsibilities, unexpected events, and challenges. When I learned to look back and reflect on my past year, that’s when I realized that a new year is also a new hope and a fresh start without any mistakes in it.

That’s why today in this post we will talk about how to review your year. I will be giving 5 year-end reflection questions to ask yourself before planning and setting goals for the new year!

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Looking back in order to move forward

First of all, learning how to review your year is so essential before setting your goals. By examining your past year, it gives us the exact way to move forward and design a new year we are excited about.

Think of it as your information source for planning for the next level. It simply gives us awareness of who we are at this point so that we can create a better version of ourselves for the future.

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5 Year-end Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself

It is important to take your time reflecting through these questions. Journal or meditate about it for a moment or two. Personally, these reflection questions helped me to bring closure to my past year, and look forward to the hope that a brand new year brings me. There are a lot of reflection questions out there, however, I believe that these 5 simple questions are enough to review your year.

1. How do you describe this year in 1 word?

Asking yourself to describe your year in one word is such a great reflection exercise. Although it’s more challenging, this helps us to ultimately zoom in and see our year in a larger situation instead of just focusing on a single event that happened. 

2. What is the best thing that happened this year?

Most of us avoid looking back because we are too afraid to remember the pain of the past or unpleasant moments we’ve had. Asking yourself the best thing that happened this year is an opportunity to see the past events through a positive and encouraging lens.

3. What were your favorite moments?

Another great reflection question on how to review your year is asking your favorite moments. Sometimes, there are a lot of memories we want to always recap in our mind because it’s just so much fun. It doesn’t have to be a very eventful moment, it could be so simple. 

For instance, one of my favorite moments in 2021 is when I first listened to my favorite artist’s album! Those are the moments I wish I could go back in time and listen to those songs again for the very first time! How about you? What’s your favorite moment in 2021? Comment them down below and let me know! 

4. What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

This is the part where you view your challenges as lessons. This year-end reflection question is super important to help you gain insights and learn from your experiences. You can also reflect on your mistakes and failures not to see yourself as a failure but to help you avoid them from happening again in the future.

5. What advice would you give your past year self?

Lastly, from all the perspectives you have today, ask yourself what are some words of wisdom or advice would you give your past year self. We usually seek advice outside ourselves because sometimes we think we don’t know better. However, the fact that you have experienced your past year day-by-day means you have grown and acquired new knowledge even if you don’t realize it. 

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Last words on how to review your year

I know sometimes reviewing your past year could be overwhelming, stressful, or painful. Especially if you know that your year didn’t go well or it has a lot of moments you didn’t like. It’s normal and okay to feel those emotions. 

Whenever I feel that way, I like to remind myself that reflecting on my past years is not reliving the moments I don’t want to remember. Reflecting on your past year is gaining awareness and understanding in order to give closure to those unhappy parts of our year and visualize a better year for us.

How was the year 2021 for you? What’s your review for this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

I hope you enjoy this post! Thank you so much for supporting Cresentella! I wish you all the best for the new year!