How to Keep Your Inner Peace During Holiday Season

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The holiday season is finally here once again! If you want to reduce holiday stress, I’m going to share with you simple tips on how to keep your inner peace!

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🎵 It’s the most wonderful time of the year… 🎵

Ah, Christmas and the holiday season! Christmas songs everywhere, colorful lights dancing around, matched with the cool breeze. I’m picturing myself sitting beside the Christmas tree, wrapped in a fluffy blanket while enjoying warm drinks partnered with soft gingerbread cookies! 

It’s such an ideal situation!

We all know that holidays are really merry and bright however, we can’t deny those not so peaceful types of situations like bulk cooking meals, last-minute holiday shopping, cleaning, traffic jams and so much more. Most of us can relate to holiday stress. On top of that, we’re still experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic which can add to our stress.

Knowing how to keep your inner peace during this holiday season is essential. After all, we still want peaceful and safe holidays. Here are 5 tips to protect your inner calm and peace during the holiday season:

1. Carve time for yourself

The first tip on how to keep your inner peace is to have your time alone. Me-time seems daunting or even boring because sometimes you basically don’t know what to do. 

Carving time for yourself is a must to keep your inner peace. You don’t have to schedule long hours to spend time for yourself, even a solid 1 hour is enough. You can use this moment to simply find peace in silence, journal your thoughts, or enjoy your cup of coffee.

2. Slow down

Slowing down is another tip on how to keep your peace during the holiday season. Holidays are times when people are mostly rushing and hurrying to get everything done. This might sound counterintuitive but slowing down can actually help you get more things done. 

When we’re rushing, we tend to do things without thinking about our actions. Unlike when we’re slowing down, we are being more intentional which makes things easier and stress-free.

3. Express your negative emotions in a healthy way

Sometimes an unfortunate series of events will come our way almost inevitably and it’s okay to feel some negative emotions like frustrations, disappointments, and irritations. There are healthy ways to express these kinds of emotions to help you keep your inner peace.

These healthy ways could be finding the good stuff and learning some stress strategies. Thankfully, these tools became more accessible to us through a mobile application like Nuna!

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I’ve been using the Positivity tool which helps me to find the good stuff whenever I feel frustrated in my current situation. 

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4. Accept things as they are

Moving on to our next tip on how to keep your inner peace during the holiday season is practicing acceptance

In every situation we’ll ever encounter, there are always things we can control and things we cannot control. 

You can control things like how you treat others, asking for help, and the effort you’ll put in certain situations. On the other hand, what you can’t control are things such as the weather, other people’s thoughts and feelings, and how others respond to you.

To let go of what you cannot control is to accept it and focus on the things you can control. Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to like, choose, or support it. It means allowing and experiencing the moment with less struggle. It might not be easy but it will help you avoid internal suffering.

5. Practice gratitude

My last tip on how to keep your inner peace during the holiday season is finding gratitude. Magical things are happening when we start learning to appreciate everything. By simply noticing the positive side of every situation, helps to shift our focus and give us some sort of satisfaction. 

You can practice gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal, volunteering, or doing small and random kind things to others like helping someone put groceries in their car or leaving some nice comments on social media.


To sum it up, holidays could be stressful to some of us and that’s why knowing how to keep your inner peace during the holiday season is essential. Carving time for yourself, slowing down, expressing your negative emotions in a healthy way, learning to accept things as they are, and practicing gratitude are simple ways to help you protect your inner peace. 

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How will you keep your inner peace this Holiday season? Do you have some other tips on protecting your inner calm? Comment them down below!

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