about cresentella

Cresentella is a personal development blog designed to help young adults discover themselves, figure out what they want in life, and create the life their hearts truly desire.

imagine if you can...

  • Wake up on a Monday morning feeling excited instead of dread.


  • Live a life where you can do what you love instead of doubting if you’re on the right path.


  • Express yourself freely instead of struggling to try to fit into a place you don’t feel belong.


  • Take the career path or college major you truly enjoy, love, and make you feel alive.

If you dream of this kind of life, Cresentella is the right place for you.

my story

Hello! My name is Jocelyn Tabernero. I am the owner and the creator at Cresentella and this is my story.

I grew up with low confidence in making my own decisions for myself. I always depend on others. I often felt like I’m a chameleon — blending into the crowd.

I had no idea of what I want to do in life. I felt so dread and anxious thinking about my future.

I am so lost and stuck in my life and that drastically impacted my mental health.

The more I follow the external voices telling me what “should” I do, the less I listen to my inner voice screaming who I am and what I really want.

Like you, I had zero idea what to do. But…

“Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves.”

Eventually, I decided to take courage and start my journey of discovering myself.

Through reflecting on my inner self and getting back to basics,  I learned to trust myself and my own decisions. 

I helped myself by reading tons of self-help books, therapy, started journaling to tune in with my inner voice, and a lot more self-healing process.

Now, I’m sharing all these stories and lessons I learned through Cresentella to empower you and help you transform your life as well.

If I can do it, you can too.

You could be broken, lost, and stuck in your life right now, and eventually, get up and start figuring out who you are and who you are meant to be.

At this moment, you might be scared and anxious about the future, but soon, you will have the courage to face the uncertainty and start creating the life you always wanted.

that's why I created cresentella

Cresentella is for people who wants to transform their life and aiming to go after the life of their dreams.

In this complicated world where everyone tells you what you should do, Cresentela is where you can find your resources and tools to go back to your true self, discover who you are and what you want.

Our goal in Cresentella is for you to embrace your power and let your most authentic self be brought to light. 

Ready to start your journey?

facts about jocelyn

You might think I’m a creep, but I really love watching and listening to true crime stories. You’ll definitely catch me binge listening to podcast episodes of Crime Junkie or watching Kendall Rae’s true crime videos most of the time! 🍿

Cats and dogs! There is no need to question why — they are the most adorable animals in the world (for me)! 😻🐶